The Soy vs Hormone Debate. Should we feed soy to pigs and chickens?

Does soy mimic estrogen and cause a hormone imbalance? If it does, should we be feeding that to the animals we eat? Especially pigs, who's internal system is quite similar to humans…That is a complex debate. True or false, there is a lot of research that shows this is a legit concern.


I do not feed my pigs or chickens soy. Why? Simply because pigs and chickens naturally cannot digest soybeans in their raw form. Raw soybeans actually have anti-nutritive properties, meaning the pigs and chickens will starve if they are fed raw soybeans alone. The soybeans first have to be heated to turn it into mash or pellets, which is what most pork found in the grocery store was fed.


Pigs were created to roam freely and forage on grass, herbs, roots, fruits, vegetables and nuts - all eaten in their raw form with no additional processing needed. Pigs and chickens do not naturally eat soybeans. That is why I do not feed my pigs or chickens soy.