Healthy Grass-Fed Beef

Soy-free & GMO-free

Pasture Raised Pork & Chicken

If you wonder what's in the meat you buy at the grocery store,
and you're concerned about how it was raised,
then my farm is what you're looking for!

Hello, welcome to BirdHouse Farm! 
I'm farmerette Marsha and along with my husband Lauren, we make sure everything on the farm is healthy. Including our kids :)

Choosing meat that was raised the way nature intended is so important.
That's why we don't feed our cows grain, or our pigs and chicken soy or GMOs.

Our animals are raised on pasture, with lots of space. No hormones, no antibiotics.
You can taste the difference!
You can feel confident eating meat from my farm, knowing we raise
healthy animals.

Healthy animal = healthy you.
After all, you are what you eat!