Stop feeling worried or guilty!

I guarantee that you'll be able to enjoy a tasty grass-fed steak
and savour the sizzling sound of bacon, guilt and worry free!

Because we deeply care for the animals and the environment we all live in. 

So you'll know that the meat you're eating is healthy. 

healthy animal = healthy you !

What our customers tell us

Healthy Environment

"I worry about the future and what our kids will have to deal with in terms of climate change. But all I can influence is where I am and what I'm doing, and I try to do the best I can! Buying meat from you is part of what I can do to make a difference." 

Healthy Animals

"I used to be a vegetarian, mainly because of animal welfare. Knowing that you conscientiously raise your animals means they are being looked after properly and being fed the food that was meant for them."

"I don't want to eat just any meat, I want something that's good. Industrial meat, animals kept indoors and in small spaces, that's why they're unhealthy and shot full of antibiotics."

Healthy Meat for YOU to Enjoy

"It's the best tasting beef that I have had in a long time. Thank-you!"

"5-star flavour!"

"The flavour of your meat is exceptional! We got back home after travelling to visit family and had your meat and I was like 'Woah - I missed this'!" 

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